Navigating New Exchange Challenges: EP3™ Understands

Our EP3TM team understands that new exchanges face a landscape rife with unique technical challenges that require market-testing solutions:

  • Accelerated market entry is crucial to staying ahead of your competitors. But your team is rightfully unwilling to sacrifice technical sophistication just to get a head start.

  • A complex exchange ecosystem – with uncharted ventures, new instruments, or market structures, demands the necessary infrastructure and internal resources to capture your innovation. Without appropriate exchange infrastructure tools for defining instruments, modeling data, and integrating participants, your growth can be hindered before you even make it to market.
  • There are significant upfront costs associated with establishing a new exchange – from legal fees, marketing, and business development — in addition to the start-up costs of your order matching engine and exchange platform technology.

Key Factors for Choosing an Exchange Platform

  • Understand your requirements and ecosystem. What do you bring to the table? Identify areas where your team needs assistance.
  • When defining platform requirements, choose deployment methods carefully to ensure your exchange platform meets your operational requirements and business goals seamlessly. Your selection of cloud vendors, databases, and failover strategies can determine your success.
  • Establish a clear budget and pricing structure by determining the costs associated with licensing, customization, ongoing maintenance, and support. This transparency can facilitate informed financial decisions.

There’s more to launching a successful exchange than the technology alone. Read more about our best practices for accelerating the launch of your exchange.

Why Choose EP3™ for Your New Exchange?

At Connamara Tech, we’ve considered every challenge when designing our EP3 platform to provide innovative solutions.

Traders and capital markets experts developed EP3’s innovative design to empower trading venues of all sizes to turn their visions into reality within a matter of months.

We reduce the time to market with efficient and customizable tools, offer the infrastructure necessary to navigate complex exchange ecosystems and provide cost-effective approaches to manage expenses with modular licensing while delivering the flexibility and scalability required to thrive in today’s competitive financial markets.

Let EP3TM revolutionize your new exchange or market to seize the opportunities ahead.

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Guiding Your EP3 Journey


This is your chance to interview us to make sure it is the right fit. During this part of the process, we will curate a demo and discuss pricing after the mutual NDA has been executed.

✓ Bi-lateral Interview

✓ Sign Mutual NDA

✓ Curated Demo Environment

✓ High-level Requirements

✓ Discuss Pricing



Before any integration starts, the Connamara Technologies team will map out your exchange requirements, potential enhancements, and design a customized implementation plan to propel you to the first trade on your exchange.

✓ Connamara produces detailed reports covering all requirements

✓ Demo environment access

✓ Includes diagrams, recommendations, and gap analysis



After we finish Discovery, we begin to put our implementation plan into practice by integrating EP3 using its collection of APIs, training your team on using the exchange platform, and supporting any troubleshooting needed to get your exchange launched.

✓ Training/Onboarding

✓ Integration and Testing

✓ Custom Development (if needed)

✓ Exchange Operational Handoff

✓ Pre-production Support



After you launch your exchange, the Connamara Technologies team will continue to support the health of your exchange and provide EP3 product updates that improve the performance, reliability, and usability of your exchange infrastructure.

✓ Dedicated Account Manager

✓ Customized Support Model

✓ Product Updates


Accelerate the development of your exchange for a fraction of the cost

Let us show you how our advanced exchange platform and matching engine can propel your organization to the front of the trading race.