Data Security

Connamara Technologies encrypts data at rest and in transit for all of our customers’ custom applications.

Application Security

Connamara Technologies regularly engages some of the industry’s best application security experts for third-party penetration tests. Our penetration testers evaluate the source code of client bespoke capital markets applications, and the deployed environments.

Connamara Technologies also uses high-quality static analysis tooling provided by GitHub Actions, and Dependabot to secure our product at every step of the development process.

Infrastructure Security

Connamara Technologies uses Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure to host a customers’ EP3 environment. We make full use of the security products embedded within the AWS ecosystem, including IAM, GuardDuty, and Inspector, for instance.  Similar tools will be found in Google Cloud or Azure such as GCP Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Azure Active Directory.