The High Costs of Legacy Technology

Is your legacy technology holding back your exchange’s growth and innovation?

Many once reliable legacy systems weren’t designed for today’s technology. Connamara Technologies understands that extending old systems as your business evolves can be a struggle.

Meanwhile, maintaining these traditional solutions often comes with a hefty price tag. Between software licensing fees, maintenance, and people and resource costs, the more outdated the system, the more significant the burden on your budget. When ongoing costs escalate, enterprise leaders can feel limited in their ability to invest in what truly matters — their exchange’s competitive edge.

On the other hand, the thought of migrating to new technology can be daunting. Concerns of technical glitches and buyer’s remorse can be roadblocks to finding a new solution.

The Need for Technical Expertise that Digs Deep

When choosing an exchange infrastructure provider, you need more than just a vendor; you need a partner with expertise who can dig deep into the technical complexities of your legacy systems and envision your future.

Because change can be intimidating, especially when it involves mission-critical software, you need a vendor willing to meet you halfway offering a collaborative approach. Your vendor should strive to understand your unique requirements, pain points, and goals. Our Discovery process does just that.

How EP3 Elevates Your Exchange

EP3 is a cutting-edge exchange platform designed to solve the challenges of extending or replacing legacy systems.

  • Integrate seamlessly: Our extensive APIs simplify the integration process, ensuring that your exchange retains its functionality and integrity – minimizing downtime during a critical transition.
  • Pay for only what you need: Our transparent pricing model helps you understand your present and future costs so you can allocate resources where they are most needed while keeping your budget in check.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Increase capacity, tune performance, and leverage new APIs as your business evolves.
  • Frequent Updates: We’re continually improving our product — so your exchange can grow and adapt to the changing market landscape.
  • Support and Professional Services: Our support and professional services provide training, engineering, and extensive documentation.

Contact us today to discover how EP3 can help unlock the full potential of your exchange.

Guiding Your EP3 Journey


This is your chance to interview us to make sure it is the right fit. During this part of the process, we will curate a demo and discuss pricing after the mutual NDA has been executed.

✓ Bi-lateral Interview

✓ Sign Mutual NDA

✓ Curated Demo Environment

✓ High-level Requirements

✓ Discuss Pricing


Before any integration starts, the Connamara Technologies team will map out your exchange requirements, potential enhancements, and design a customized implementation plan to propel you to the first trade on your exchange.

✓ Connamara produces detailed reports covering all requirements

✓ Demo environment access

✓ Includes diagrams, recommendations, and gap analysis



After we finish Discovery, we begin to put our implementation plan into practice by integrating EP3 using its collection of APIs, training your team on using the exchange platform, and supporting any troubleshooting needed to get your exchange launched.

✓ Training/Onboarding

✓ Integration and Testing

✓ Custom Development (if needed)

✓ Exchange Operational Handoff

✓ Pre-production Support



After you launch your exchange, the Connamara Technologies team will continue to support the health of your exchange and provide EP3 product updates that improve the performance, reliability, and usability of your exchange infrastructure.

✓ Dedicated Account Manager

✓ Customized Support Model

✓ Product Updates


Accelerate the development of your exchange for a fraction of the cost

Let us show you how our advanced exchange platform and matching engine can propel your organization to the front of the trading race.