EP3: Exchanges Made Easy™

Using advanced technology from trusted market experts, EP3 is the breakthrough exchange platform and order matching engine developed to make it easier to launch a new exchange, improve the performance of a current exchange, or expand into a non-traditional asset class.

A Trusted Name in Tech Since 1998

EP3 was incubated within Connamara Systems — a leading capital markets software engineering provider since 1998 — then spun out into Connamara Technologies in 2022. The engineers at Connamara Technologies have deep experience in the rigors necessary to build applications for trading and capital markets. For customers, this means EP3 is built for the scale and reliability that capital markets require.

Cutting-Edge Technology

EP3 is the third version of our exchange platform that has evolved over 10+ years. The creators of EP3 took the lessons learned from previous versions and applied them from scratch to build an exchange platform and order matching engine that leverages the scale, reliability, performance, and flexibility afforded by modern software architecture and deployment methods like agile development and cloud deployment.

Rapid Implementation

EP3 can be deployed quickly and easily to cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises environments with the use of modern orchestration and containerization methods. This means that EP3 customers can be up and running quickly, focusing on building the business of the exchange, not the exchange technology.

Exceptional Professional Support and Services

Our Professional Services team can develop solutions around EP3 to address the needs of the market or asset class you are targeting. Our Support Service team is available 24×7 to help keep your exchange running smoothly.

Features & Functionality

The advanced features and functionality on the EP3 exchange platform and order matching engine are the result of decades of experience in capital markets with the development of flexible, trader-centric tools that improve transparency, liquidity, and cost efficiency in exchange trading.

APIs & Integrations

Integrate EP3 with third-party or proprietary market access and trading applications. Industry-standard, developer-friendly APIs enable you to integrate custom trading applications, market access connectivity, more efficient order management, clearance and settlement apps, regulatory reporting, and more.

Market Surveillance

Real-time and end-of-day alerts help exchange operators detect unusual activity. EP3’s built-in market surveillance tools reduce complexity by enabling you to trim the number of third-party tools connected to your platform.

All Markets & Trading Environments

EP3 is built to accommodate all types of markets and trading environments, from new marketplaces to traditional regulated exchanges.

  • Designated Contract Markets (DCM)
  • Swap Execution Facilities (SEF)
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) Markets
  • Auction Markets
  • Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)
  • New Marketplaces
  • Non-Regulated Market Venues

All Asset Classes

Our powerful, asset-agnostic technology serves recognized asset classes and a broad range of assets that have never been exchange-traded before.

  • Futures, Options, Swaps
  • Environment Commodities (ESG)
  • Predictions and Events
  • Equities, Fixed Income, Rates
  • Sports
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Physical Commodities
  • Intangibles
  • New Asset Classes

A Legacy in Trading Meets Technology Expertise

Connamara Technologies’ advanced exchange platform and matching engine were conceived by a trader and built by engineers with decades of capital markets expertise. A unique combination of trading and engineering experience put Connamara on the forefront of innovation, leading the industry into the age of electronic trading and, more recently, onto the cloud. The EP3 exchange platform reflects years of successful deliveries of exchange technology that provide the speed, flexibility, and scalability today’s marketplaces demand.

Capitalize On Every Opportunity Earlier

Let us show you how our advanced exchange platform and matching engine can propel your organization to the front of the trading race.