Capital Market Expertise Rooted in Innovation and Experience

Connamara Technologies is the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order matching engine, conceived and incubated at Connamara Systems. Since 1998, Connamara Systems has delivered software engineering services, custom solutions, and exchange technology to a wide range of capital market participants, including leading global exchanges, swap execution facilities, start-up exchanges, banks, hedge funds, trading firms, market-makers, and more.

EP3 represents the accumulated knowledge and experience from successful deliveries to new exchanges and marketplaces since 2008. Exchange operators can rely on our legacy of proven exchange technology when choosing an exchange platform and matching engine with unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

A Seasoned Team with Trading and Markets Know-How

Connamara Technologies traces its roots to the trading pits of Chicago. Our founder, Jim Downs, began his career in capital markets as an independent options market-maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and a futures trader on the Chicago Board of Trade.

We’ve built a team of experienced software engineers, business analysts, fintech leaders, and seasoned professionals who truly understand the real-world demands placed upon today’s exchange platforms and matching engines. We are proud to say that our leadership team boasts a combined 150+ years of experience in capital markets technology.

Transparency and Integrity Above All

Our clients value our comprehensive expertise in capital trading markets but also recognize that our reputation for smooth deliveries, curated service, transparency set us apart. We’re not just technologists working on a new exchange platform — we have a deep understanding of what’s at stake.

In addition to the ongoing development of indispensable features and functions that address the unmet needs of exchange operators and traders, we’re known for our close collaboration with our clients to achieve further extensibility of the EP3 platform to meet their unique business objectives and requirements.

We Are…


Our goal is to make you look good—it’s our highest priority. We are honest, create trust, and insist on integrity in our work. We never forget that our customers’ success is our success.


With more experience than anyone in the industry, we enable big ideas and continue to innovate. For example, EP3 is the first exchange platform built on the cloud. Our unmatched flexibility means we work together to execute on a wide set of challenges.


We’re resourceful critical thinkers who enjoy learning and finding solutions to the most complex problems. Driven by a sense of urgency, we persevere until we find the optimal solution.


We understand our roles, responsibilities, and how we contribute to the overall vision of our company. We care about what we do, which is why we’re always honest, upfront, and accountable for our actions.


We pay continuous attention to achieving excellence and we’re always getting better. This is how we help customers accelerate their time to market. We believe in doing things once and doing them well (that is, until we can do them even better…).

Capitalize On Every Opportunity Earlier

Let us show you how our advanced exchange platform and matching engine propel your organization to the front of the trading race.