Connamara Technologies joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Exchanges Made Easy…with Google Cloud! 

Austin, TX, MAY 2, 2024 — Connamara Technologies announced today that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage at the partner level for the Build engagement model. This gives Google Cloud customers the ability to create financial exchanges and other exchange technology solutions that are built with and run on Google Cloud. 

As a Google Cloud partner, Connamara Technologies offers customers the ability to build and operate highly customized exchanges with the EP3 platform as its foundation. Key features of the platform:

  • Order Matching Engines, Auctions, RFQs, and other market mechanisms
  • Exchange Operations and Reporting
  • Market Surveillance and Risk Tooling
  • Clearing and Settlement Workflows
  • APIs for other custom functionality and integrations

EP3 is supported by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience building custom software for capital markets. Connamara Technologies’ professional services and support teams allow customers to scale quickly, receive immediate support, and extend EP3’s functionality.

“Although EP3 can be deployed on-prem or to any cloud provider, it is an obvious fit for us to be a Google Cloud partner because we love building on the Google Cloud ecosystem and are confident we can provide our customers and future customers with a better experience of building marketplaces through this partnership with Google Cloud.”

– Daniel Davis, Head of Growth, Connamara Technologies

To learn more about how EP3 can help build your marketplace, contact [email protected].

About Connamara Technologies

Connamara Technologies builds future-ready exchange platforms and order matching engines. It’s the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order matching engine incubated by Connamara Systems. 

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