EP3 Introduces Cross-Platform Deployment, Up to 20% Reduction in Costs, Increasing Performance by up to 30%

In the latest release of EP3’s matching engine, version 0.4.42-1, we’re proud to unveil a transformative capability: cross-platform deployments for cloud CPUs, enhancing the versatility of our exchange technology and offering customers:

  • Universal compatibility and seamless operation across diverse hardware (including ARM64 chips) 
  • Cross-platform support that extends to future architectures not yet released (e.g., AWS Graviton2, Graviton3, and inbound releases)
  • Lower overall operational costs by supporting the most practical cloud CPU architectures (by up to 20%)
  • Potential performance enhancements clocking in around 30%

What is Cross-Platform Deployment?

Many of us are familiar with MacOS’s transition to “M” chips and the challenges of running older Intel 64-bit applications on M1 and M2 processors. These transitions often require users to wait for software vendors to update their applications and provide MacOS or Universal Binary support. Similarly, we may be aware of 32-bit compatibility mode on Windows but may not fully understand its purpose.

At the heart of these challenges lies the concept of cross-platform deployment. Every computer contains a CPU* chip that operates according to a specific set of instructions. Software applications must be translated into the language understood by the CPU to function properly. There are various “languages” spoken by CPUs, with 32-bit and 64-bit being just two examples among many. For instance, the Mac Notes app must be compatible with both Intel 64-bit CPUs in older machines and ARM 64-bit CPUs in newer M1 or M2 laptops, despite being 64-bit architectures.

The complexity extends to the cloud, where different CPUs offer varying cost levels, speed, and power consumption. However, not all CPUs “speak” the same language.

The EP3 Solution, Inspired by Customer Feedback: 

EP3’s new cross-platform deployments solve this multi-language translation issue and empower exchange operators to deploy to any Cloud CPU. EP3 cross-platform deployments are not much different from the MacOS Universal Binary. Our latest updates provide customers with one straightforward installation to use on any Cloud CPU that suits their needs without worrying about application support. 

This solution was driven by customer feedback and market demand. An EP3 customer approached us with a desire to lower their cloud costs by leveraging AWS Graviton CPUs. In response to this feedback, we introduced multi-platform support into our software build system, ensuring compatibility with ARM64 architecture and other future CPU innovations. This customer-centric approach to innovation underscores our commitment to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users.

Once released, this feature will be available to all customers regardless of commercial specifics.

Stats: Lower Costs, Performance Enhancements Across the Board

According to our research, substantial evidence supports the benefits of cross-platform deployments regarding cost reduction and performance enhancement. 

While we’re just releasing this feature, similar case studies have shown that users can scale up to 30% while reducing costs by 20% using AWS Graviton3. Other examples cite 40% better price-performance and in another, 50% better performance. An average of 20% cost reduction and 30-40% increased performance is significant, even with domain or application-specific variation. 

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*Note: “CPU” and “processor” are interchangeable terms, as are “CPU language” and “hardware architecture.” Similarly, while “machine” typically refers to a device like a laptop, “machine type” may denote a category of CPU/processor that operates using a specific CPU/machine language/hardware architecture.

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