Connamara Technologies joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Exchanges Made Easy…with Google Cloud! 

Austin, TX, MAY 2, 2024 — Connamara Technologies announced today that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage at the partner level for the Build engagement model. This gives Google Cloud customers the ability to create financial exchanges and other exchange technology solutions that are built with and run on Google Cloud. 

As a Google Cloud partner, Connamara Technologies offers customers the ability to build and operate highly customized exchanges with the EP3 platform as its foundation. Key features of the platform:

  • Order Matching Engines, Auctions, RFQs, and other market mechanisms
  • Exchange Operations and Reporting
  • Market Surveillance and Risk Tooling
  • Clearing and Settlement Workflows
  • APIs for other custom functionality and integrations

EP3 is supported by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience building custom software for capital markets. Connamara Technologies’ professional services and support teams allow customers to scale quickly, receive immediate support, and extend EP3’s functionality.

“Although EP3 can be deployed on-prem or to any cloud provider, it is an obvious fit for us to be a Google Cloud partner because we love building on the Google Cloud ecosystem and are confident we can provide our customers and future customers with a better experience of building marketplaces through this partnership with Google Cloud.”

– Daniel Davis, Head of Growth, Connamara Technologies

To learn more about how EP3 can help build your marketplace, contact [email protected].

About Connamara Technologies

Connamara Technologies builds future-ready exchange platforms and order matching engines. It’s the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order matching engine incubated by Connamara Systems. 

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Connamara Technologies Granted Membership to FIA

AUSTIN, TEXAS, Feb 16, 2024

Connamara Technologies, the company behind EP3, the asset agnostic exchange platform, announces that it has been approved for membership to the Futures Industry Association (FIA, Inc)

FIA is the leading global trade organization for futures, options, and centrally cleared derivative markets. With offices in Brussels, London, Singapore, and Washington, D.C., its mission is to support open, transparent, and competitive markets, protect and enhance the financial system’s integrity, and promote high standards of professional conduct. Since 1955, FIA has partnered with global regulators, promoted industry-led best practices, supported efficiency and innovation, and ensured the safety and soundness of global cleared derivatives markets now and in the future. 

Connamara Technologies can leverage this newly granted membership to connect with market participants, regulators, and industry leaders. With FIA’s high-level advocacy support, the Technologies team can access exclusive member-only data visualizations, including levels of trading activity on global futures exchanges, risk exposures at CCPs, the amount of customer funds held by U.S. clearing firms, and SEF volumes. FIA also maintains a central repository of exchange-provided risk controls and practices in global cleared derivatives markets for the use of FIA members.

Connamara Technologies will celebrate our membership acceptance by sponsoring the Pickleball Clinic at FIA Boca, the annual International Futures Industry Conference, on Mar 10, 2024.

“It’s an honor for our young company to be granted membership in FIA,” remarked Connamara Technologies co-founder and CEO Jim Downs. “The FIA and its prestigious membership ranks represent the leading thinkers driving future thinking in global derivative markets. Connamara Tech is pleased to be among this exclusive list of innovators.”

Access Connamara Technologies’ member profile and official announcement here

About Connamara Technologies:

Connamara Technologies is the company behind EP3, the asset-agnostic exchange platform conceived and incubated at Connamara Systems, a provider of capital market trading solutions since 1998. EP3’s comprehensive platform provides solutions for exchange operations, order matching and execution, market surveillance, and settlement. EP3 creates performant, reliable, and scalable marketplaces enabling an exchange to run continuously with virtually no downtime. Connamara Technologies and its team of experienced professionals enable big ideas and remain dedicated to developing innovative technology that better serves the needs of tomorrow’s exchanges. Learn more:

BEE4 Selects Connamara Technologies’ EP3 to Connect Emerging Firms with Forward-Thinking Investors

May 24th, 2023 – Austin, TX – BEE4 is pleased to announce that it has chosen Connamara Technologies as the technology provider for its exchange platform that connects emerging businesses with investors. BEE4 is leveraging Connamara Technologies’ EP3™ exchange platform to create a scalable stock market in Brazil.

BEE4 is Brazil’s first regulated tokenized stock market built for companies with annual revenues between R$10 million and R$300 million to trade shares within a secure, regulated environment. BEE4’s stock market platform combines its own blockchain technology with Connamara Technologies’ EP3 platform to offer capital and funding to new and emerging companies in Brazil.

According to BEE4’s CEO, Patricia Stille, the firm is passionate about giving investors access to new markets and innovative companies. “We chose Connamara Technologies because EP3 fits our model very well. The system is complete and flexible to meet new parameters, inherent in a new market where everything grows at an accelerated pace and needs to be ready to adapt to future realities with agility and security. At BEE4 we have several technology initiatives and the evolution of our systems requires a series of decisions over time. Among them, what makes sense to develop at home, what is core/strategic, and what solutions are offered by third parties and widely used by exchanges and organized markets around the world. To gain scale with robustness and explore BEE4’s innovative potential, partnership with leading providers, with robust and reliable solutions, is essential,” she said.

When asked why they choose to work with Connamara Technologies to build their exchange, the team at BEE4 stated there aren’t many vendors out there like Connamara Technologies. In particular, the team mentioned they liked that EP3 is scalable, flexible, and global, enabling BEE4 to build an exchange that is authorized by CVM, Brazil’s regulatory organization. EP3 is also one of the few secure exchange platforms that can incorporate BEE4’s own blockchain technology.

BEE4 joins an elite roster of companies that have worked with Connamara Technologies. Other firms that have chosen Connamara Technologies to build exchanges and matching engines include TeraExchange, American Financial Exchange (AFX), MaterialsXchange, and many other production and pre-production exchanges.

Connamara CEO and co-founder Jim Downs said, “We are excited to work with BEE4 on designing and building this stock exchange to service the Brazilian market. It’s a thrill to unite the blockchain technology BEE4 created with the scalability of EP3. The team at BEE4 has an ambitious mission to provide financial resources to emerging firms and we are happy to provide the technology infrastructure to help them offer this important service.”

About Connamara Technologies:

Connamara Technologies builds future-ready exchange platforms and order matching engines. It’s the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order matching engine incubated by Connamara Systems. Learn more:

About BEE4:

BEE4 is the first secure, regulated stock market in Brazil listing companies with annual revenues between R$10 million and R$300 million. With the use of proprietary blockchain technology, BEE4 created a system that processes trades in a safe, transparent, and compliant manner. Learn more:

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TeraExchange Selects EP3 Platform from Connamara Technologies to Power Swap Execution Facility

SPRINGFIELD, NJ and AUSTIN, TX – March 13, 2023 – TeraExchange, LLC., announced today that it has selected EP3, from Connamara Technologies, Inc., to power TeraExchange, a CFTC-registered Swap Execution Facility (SEF) that delivers unconflicted swap market access and utility to its market participants at highly competitive rates.

TeraExchange’s centrally cleared swaps mitigate risk and improve the overall efficiency of the trading process and Connamara Technologies is a global provider of exchange solutions for capital markets and alternative assets. EP3’s cutting-edge technology provides industry-leading speed, state-of-the-art self-healing capabilities, and customized, flexible integrations. Its seamless infrastructure assures future-proof capabilities designed specifically to meet the unique needs of TeraExchange and its users.

“TeraExchange’s expertise in swaps trading, combined with EP3’s advanced capabilities, allows us to provide a reliable and secure trading platform for institutional players,” said Paul Jenkins, CTO. “The track record of Jim Downs and the Connamara team is second-to-none, and we’re thrilled to work with them to launch our innovative, agile platform.”

“At Connamara Technologies, we understand the changing landscape of today’s global capital markets. We are pleased to work with TeraExchange to develop a scalable solution that meets their needs — and the needs of their clients — at every step,” said Jim Downs, co-founder and CEO of Connamara Technologies. Connamara’s Head of Growth, Dan Davis, added, “SEFs are an important part of the capital markets ecosystem, providing stability, transparency, and risk management benefits, and clients like TeraExchange are the reason we developed our EP3 platform with modern, customizable and scalable functionality.”

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About TeraExchange, LLC.

TeraExchange, LLC, an independent provider of Dodd-Frank Act compliant end-to-end exchange services, is a swap execution facility registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. TeraExchange utilizes advanced trading technologies and straight-through processing to deliver unconflicted swap market access and utility to its market participants at highly competitive rates. TeraExchange’s cloud-based exchange infrastructure provides global introducing brokers and other institutional market participants with compliant pre-trade credit confirmation, trade execution and regulatory reporting services across a broad range of centrally cleared financial products.

About Connamara Technologies, Inc. and EP3

Connamara Technologies is the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order-matching engine, conceived and incubated at Connamara Systems. EP3 represents years of accumulated knowledge and experience from successful deliveries to exchanges and marketplaces. Exchange operators can rely on a legacy of proven exchange technology when choosing an exchange platform and matching engine with unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

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