EP3’s Jobs API: A Game-Changer for Exchange Platform Software Operators

EP3's Jobs API - A Game-Changer for Exchange Platform Software Operators

When it comes to choosing the right exchange platform software, it’s important to find a robust trade matching engine with an experience that’s both easy to use and easy to navigate. At Connamara, we understand the needs of exchange operators, which is why we developed the Jobs API to make your life easier.

The Cloud Tool Chaos Problem

Prior to the introduction of the Jobs API for the EP3 exchange platform, exchange operators were faced with the challenge of having to navigate multiple cloud vendor tools to keep track of various jobs on the platform. This created a disjointed experience that made it difficult to monitor the status of crucial back-office processes, including regulatory reports and backups.

Without a centralized view of these processes, exchange operators had to spend valuable time switching between various interfaces and tools, making it difficult to quickly troubleshoot issues and gain insights into their system.

Introducing the Jobs API

As part of our commitment to making our EP3 trade matching engine and exchange platform software as user-friendly as possible, we’ve introduced a new API that simplifies and streamlines processes, while providing exchange operators fine-grained visibility into the platform.

With the addition of the Jobs API, exchange operators can now view the status of all jobs on the platform, including regulatory reports, backups, and other timed back-office processes — all within the admin user interface. Whether it’s grabbing logs, troubleshooting the environment, or getting insights into your system — you can do it all without leaving the Admin interface.

Simplifying your Tool Kit

Rather than relying on an entire kit of tools, you can view the status of scheduled tasks in one place. This feature enables users to see if jobs are running or if they failed and run actions on them. For example, you can effortlessly schedule all necessary regulatory reports to automatically run on your schedule.

Another useful feature of the Jobs API is the ability to extract logs. If a software component is not communicating correctly with third parties, you can view the communication and diagnose/resolve problems. Users can also manually run a job for a specific date. For example, if a regulatory report failed to run, you can rerun it and for a specific date.

Seamless Integration, Exceptional Experience

Our leading-edge tools are designed to provide users with unparalleled visibility and control over their exchange platform, eliminating the need for juggling multiple cloud tools. With our state-of-the-art APIs, all the essential tools are consolidated in one convenient location, allowing you to effortlessly monitor the status of various components and take prompt action whenever required.

This approach to exchange platform management offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making EP3 the ultimate choice for anyone seeking to optimize their exchange platform management. As we continue to improve and build on the Jobs API’s functionality, you can look forward to more features and capabilities that will further simplify and streamline your work.

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