Build and Launch Your Exchange Within Months

With EP3’s innovative design, developed by traders and capital markets experts, we empower trading venues of all sizes to turn their visions into reality within a matter of months. Whether you’re venturing into traditional financial markets or exploring emerging asset classes, EP3’s adaptable architecture and scalable infrastructure lay the groundwork for your exchange’s sustained success.

Multi-Asset, Multi-Market Coverage

EP3 is asset and industry agnostic, enabling a rapid, cost-effective launch of a new exchange or expansion into non-traditional asset classes. With EP3’s versatile capabilities, you can confidently explore new markets and asset classes, knowing that it offers the flexibility and agility needed for a successful launch.

High-Performance Matching

The EP3 matching engine can sustain an order rate of over 120,000 orders per second at a sub-8 microsecond average latency. The unparalleled speed and efficiency of EP3’s matching engine give your exchange a competitive edge in even the most demanding market conditions.

Scalable Infrastructure

EP3 is designed for seamless horizontal scalability when adding more volume, asset classes, or marketplaces. Matching engines can be added dynamically in real-time during the trading day and the platform self-heals if needed. These capabilities ensure your exchange can adapt and scale your infrastructure as your business expands.

High Availability

Resilient infrastructure delivers high availability, reliable uptime, and smooth failover to ensure your exchange stays online under demanding market conditions. You can confidently maintain uninterrupted trading operations, even during peak market activity, safeguarding your exchange’s reliability and ensuring a smooth experience for your users.

Proven Regulatory Framework

Developed by experts with decades of experience in capital markets, EP3 meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for traditional and non-traditional asset classes. With robust compliance tooling, users can trade with confidence knowing that your exchange provides a secure and compliant environment.

Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid Options

Deploy EP3 in the hosting environment that makes the most sense for your organization. EP3 delivers 24/7/365 accessibility with dynamic scaling to keep pace with volume and order fluctuations. With versatile deployment options, you can optimize your exchange’s performance while utilizing the deployment method that fits your exchange.

EP3: Exchanges Made EasyTM

With EP3, it’s easier than ever to manage and optimize your trading operations. Unlock new possibilities with advanced features, straightforward integrations, and an intuitive user interface. Whether you’re operating in traditional financial markets or exploring new asset classes, EP3 streamlines your exchange operations and enhances the overall trading experience for your participants. Learn more about how EP3 empowers exchange operators across a variety of markets and asset classes.

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A Higher Standard for Agility

Connamara Technologies’ EP3 exchange platform and matching engine are industry- and asset-agnostic, enabling new and established exchanges to get to market faster.

All Markets & Trading Environments

EP3 is built to accommodate all types of markets and trading environments, from new marketplaces to traditional regulated exchanges.

  • Designated Contract Markets (DCM)
  • Swap Execution Facilities (SEF)
  • Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) Markets
  • Auction Markets
  • Securities Exchanges
  • Non-Regulated Market Venues

All Asset Classes

Our powerful, asset-agnostic technology serves recognized asset classes and a broad range of assets that have never been exchange-traded before.

  • Futures, Options, Swaps
  • Environment Commodities (ESG)
  • Predictions and Events
  • Equities, Fixed Income, Rates
  • Forex
  • Sports
  • Physical Commodities
  • Crypto
  • Intangibles
  • New Asset Classes

Leveling the Playing Field for Organizations of All Sizes

EP3’s multi-asset capabilities and flexible platform enable venues of all sizes to accelerate their timeline for launching an exchange.

New Exchanges and Marketplaces

Make your vision of establishing a disruptive marketplace a reality — quickly and cost-effectively. EP3 is primed to help you shape the buying/selling patterns of a new marketplace.

Established Exchanges

Replace aging technology with a modern exchange platform and tech stack or accelerate your expansion into non-traditional markets.

Emerging Markets

Establish global exchanges for key commodities or sovereign instruments quickly and cost-effectively. EP3 is a reliable, comprehensive, multi-asset exchange platform developed to help leaders in emerging markets rapidly gain a foothold.

Global Trading Firms

Upgrade your tech stack for order flow internalization and matching. EP3’s flexibility and scalability enable your organization to capitalize quickly on emerging opportunities.

Embark on Our Customer Journey

When you choose Connamara as your technology partner, you can trust you’ll have expert guidance at every step — from the first interaction to your first trade. Our thorough Discovery process ensures a deep understanding of your unique requirements, guiding us to implement EP3 efficiently and tailor it to your needs.

Our Discovery process will equip you to make more informed decisions by helping you detail the requirements, time/cost estimates, and a robust implementation plan. Let’s shape the future of your exchange together.

Complementary Services from Our Experts

A host of add-on integrations, custom development work, and support services from our trading and technology experts deliver comprehensive front-to-back capabilities.

Professional Services

Add unique features to further enhance your EP3 platform. We offer custom software development services to help you meet your operational and business objectives.

Support Services

Obtain technical assistance for your EP3 system from our experts. We also offer monitoring services for the health of your platform and can act as your technical operations team.

A Legacy in Trading Meets Technology Expertise

Connamara Technologies’ advanced exchange platform and matching engine were conceived by a trader and built by engineers with decades of capital markets expertise. A unique combination of trading and engineering experience put Connamara on the forefront of innovation, leading the industry into the age of electronic trading and, more recently, onto the cloud. The EP3 exchange platform reflects years of successful deliveries of exchange technology that provide the speed, flexibility, and scalability today’s marketplaces demand.

Capitalize On Every Opportunity Earlier

Let us show you how our advanced exchange platform and matching engine can propel your organization to the front of the trading race.